Bail Bonds 101 – Work Flow Management

video explains what bail bonds are and the ways bail bondsmen earn money.

Arrestees appear in court to stand trial. The bail and the charges will be made by the judge during the court hearing. Bail, the security deposit that an accused person puts in for bail. It will be returned when they appear at every court date, is what it refers to. The cash is returned upon sentencing.

It is possible to pay bail by cash. However, if the accused is unable to afford it, there are alternative options. It is possible to have someone who is near you to post bail. The defendant or their loved one can also use expensive property, such as a car or home as collateral against the bail.

Bail bondsmen are third party licensed to cover the bail of defendants through a bail bond. Bail bondsmen charge an individual 10%, will then put the rest up to allow the defendant to get out of prison.

If the defendant does not attend court on subsequent scheduled dates, the bail bondsman has the authority to arrest the defendant. To learn more about bail bonds, take a look at the video at the bottom of the page above.


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