Getting Up Close to an Iowa Tornado! – Entertainment News Today

You could be hit with massive winds and inches rain. If you’re hit by a severe storm you have a good possibility that you’ll need an experienced storm damage cleanup company. Some storms can create one or more tornadoes. There is still much to learn about these freaks of nature. It isn’t clear what causes them in some instances. In this video, you’ll be able to see an Iowa tornado up close.

Iowa has a past of tornadoes that have destroyed field after field. Because it is a flat land the area is ideal for tornadoes. The business is unique because of the reliable spawning tornadoes. Many thrill seekers hire storm chasers for the purpose of getting they are close enough to tornado. This is what happened in this clip. The lucky tourist was able to observe a gorgeous funnel plow through in the field of Iowa. The funnel was at first difficult to spot because of rain wraps. A clear funnel emerged over time. Unfortunately, the storm did damage some nearby houses. This tornado did not cause any injury to any people.


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