How to Charge Golf Carts the Right Way – Andre Blog

ks. Keep reading to find the right procedure to charge your golf carts to maintain the highest quality.

A general rule of general application, always put your golf cart in even when you’re not in use. Always put in the golf cart even though it’s been used for a few holes. The charger comes with a chip that detects the moment when the battery has been fully charged. It will then shut off the charge and then stop charging.

After the battery has been fully charged and the charger turns off and it won’t reactivate once the battery’s capacity decreases when it is sitting. That means that if you’re not using your golf cart for weeks or months, you should remove the charger and plug it back in a few times so your battery remains completely charged.

The best option is to utilize charging devices similar to those used for the one used to jump start a car when your battery dies completely. This could be quite damaging, so making sure the battery in your golf cart is charged at all times will spare your from this hassle.


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