How to Fail a Plumbing Inspection – Family Dinners

It could result in a plumbing inspection to fail, regardless of whether it was carried out either by you or a professional plumber.

If your washer is not linked to the proper diameter piping that is the right diameter, it could not function properly. The regulations require two-inch pipesand rather than the earlier normal of one and half-inch pipe. Standing pipe should have an 18- to 30-inch in the height.

If there is no protection plate or drill plate that prevents dry wall installation from drilling into the pipes, that could be the reason. In the event of this the result could be water leaks in the pipes and water damage. This includes mold and rot.

A sanitary line is used to connect horizontal pipes. This is the third violation. They are made to be used for vertical pipes. The Y-line has less resistance and causes fewer blockages.

If you fail to install cleaning out on the main pile of plumbing pipes and fail to pass the inspection. Use an Y-coupling or a two-way cleanout. Straight couplings will lead to an automatic failure. Keep it in an accessible position for the plumber to get to.

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