What You Need to Know About Hurricane Garage Doors – Rad Center

A lot of homeowners have decided to opt in the direction of hurricane garage doors that can be put in their houses. The doors for hurricane garages and their systems have improved throughout the years, providing assurance and security for homeowners. Read on to find out everything you need to know concerning hurricane garage doors.

Insulated garage doors from steel can be used for severe storms. They have brace supports which are stronger than those on regular garage doors, allowing them to stand up to high impacts and winds.

You’re searching for the top motor to drive your hurricane garage door. It is the DC model that’s DC motor is more silent and it will be less heated than the AC motor.

Many people make use of their garage as their primary entry point to their home. Don’t let your garage door to hinder people from entering even if the power is out. The backup battery system used by garage doors that are hurricane-proof allows the door to be operated for as long as 30 minutes. You’ll have 30 chances to close and open your garage door when the power goes out for only a couple of days.

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