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wide, then a two-car garage which is wider than 16 meters in width or even 18 metres.

The Best Residential Garage Doors
Maybe you’re finally in the position to replace your existing garage door but aren’t sure which direction to turn. Here are the most popular residential garage doors to consider.

Traditional Residential Garage Doors
Panel doors are most popular of the traditional designs for garage doors. There are a variety of doors for panel that appear great, but without creating too huge an impression on your house.

Carriage Style Garage Doors for Residential Homes
These modern day garage doors provide you the appeal of swing-outs and the comfort of being elevated. You are able to personalize your garage door by installing carriage house doors.

Contemporary residential garage doors for homes
If you’re looking for a more contemporary or modern house You may find that modern or contemporary garage doors fit the style you prefer. These doors typically come in glass or aluminum so that you can customize the amount of natural light and privacy. t57fn7fn2e.

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