The Benefits of Braces – Dental Hygiene Association

Braces can fix many problems. Correcting bites, aligning underbites as well as filling in gaps within your smile and adjusting protrusions and misaligned teeth are all common conditions leading to braces.

Do having straight teeth assist in maintaining good oral hygiene? If teeth aren’t straight Food particles, and even bacteria may be more easily trapped. After brushing, the bacteria gets left behind. It could cause plaque and gum disease and discoloration.

Braces can be beneficial for more reasons than the oral health? Sure! Braces will give you an increased sense of confidence and self-esteem all while correcting the issues with your mouth. Braces can help you feel confident in your appearance, and can also let you pick different hues to reflect your individuality.

You’re still curious about braces? Take a look at the video to discover more about braces, and how they can benefit your health overall.


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