These Incredible Watches Cost More Than Your House – Cool Artwork

Terials are carefully handcrafted piece-by-piece. The craftsmanship involved is costly. Only the world’s wealthiest could afford to purchase the best of watches. There are watches that can set your price higher than the price of the house you live in. Luxury watches typically exceed fifty thousand dollars. In this video, we will demonstrate the way to examine some exceptional models.

One of the watch models in the video is a Octopus at its center. It took about 40 hours to construct this particular octopus using hand. It’s also made of gold, precious metals, and gemstones. A small globe is located within the watch’s interior. The level of detail that has been put into this watch and the octopus decoration is incredible. This is the kind of watch that a pirate would like to find. Another watch is made by the company that has the same design. It’s the dragon rather than an Octopus. What is striking to note about this piece is the fact that the eyes are made of rubies. The dragon itself is believed to be made of an green jade.


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