Troubleshooting Your AC – Teng Home

Ental AC troubles.

Consider these DIY AC troubleshooting strategies for the next time you’re experiencing AC troubles:

Examine for dirty air filter
Check your thermostat’s setting
Check your air conditioner circuit breakers
Check your outdoor unit
Check all air vents

It is recommended to walk around your home and make sure that all supply vents (return and supply) is on. A lot of homeowners take this step to reduce energy consumption and cost. The result is that you’ll be paying more energy costs and causes other ductwork and AC difficulties. It is possible that your AC unit could be getting clogged the system with grime or dirt in the event that it runs continuously but cannot achieve a certain temperature. This could result in freeze-ups of AC coils; the regular AC maintenance will be the best solution to address the issue.

In the opposite direction when you find that your AC unit can cool at the right temperature but remains running all the time anyway, this can be an issue with the thermostat or relay switches. If your air conditioner is not completely shut off, consider taking a look at the relay switch and thermostat. syk43rdpv3.

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