Why is There a Mechanic Shortage in America? – Free Car Magazines

A staggering number of employees leave their jobs, caused by factors like inadequate pay, poor treatment, feeling undervalued, and more. The profession most badly by this current shortage are auto mechanics. Customers are frustrated by the shortage of mechanics.

The power of automobiles has been fueled by gas for more than 100 years. Today, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly commonplace. Electric cars are getting more famous, which implies that they are using new technologies and automotive parts. Additionally, new data is available. For mechanics who have experience of work in the industry this can be a challenge.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic definitely contributes to this workforce shortage, it’s been a problem long before. In fact, the National Automobile Dealer Association has calculated that there’s the need for around 37,000 mechanics per year.

The lack of proper pay is another large reason auto mechanics are having a hard time trying to retain their workers. The median salary of mechanics in 2021 was $47,000. Additionally, there is an incredibly high turnover rate, especially in the specific role of a service-provider. Data shows that in one calendar year there’s an average of 50% turnover rate in service providers. 47tz7yhf2h.

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