Choosing Between Fence Types Cedar vs. Vinyl – NC Pool Supply

What type of fence would work most suitable for your landscape? If you’re considering installing fencing, this article will show you how to decide which type you want.

Vinyl and cedar both have the same installation cost, although vinyl can be a little costlier. However, wood fences like cedar must be finished with a stain for protection. The cost of the fence will go up to more than $1000. It is typical to replace a wood fence every 3 to 4 years to guarantee it will last an extended period of time. Vinyl fences are more expensive initial, while cedar fencing is more affordable over the long-term.

If you’re looking to get the construction of a fence in your yard, vinyl is the most suitable material to opt for. It’s not just more affordable than cedar; it is also relatively low-maintenance. A fence made of vinyl is all you’ll need to do is regularly wash off any dust, pollen or mold that accumulates on it. When you’ve had your vinyl fence set up, there is no require a call to a professional again unless it breaks and requires repair.


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