Use This List of First Year Law Student Summer Internships to Get Ahead on Your Applications – Juris Master

Advocacy and licy reform to help to bring about changes to the laws and regulations that effect families as well as teenagers Particularly those damaging to Black or Brown clients. CFR staff meet with politicians (City and State) as well as participate in alliances with parents and advocates, and defenders. The group drafts law and make public statements in front of City and State institutions.

Law students in their first year who’ve demonstrated an passion for CFR’s work will be taken into consideration.

3. Manhattan Legal Services 2023 Summer Internship

Manhattan Legal Services is among the legal students who have the option of first-year internships during the summer of 2023. Each internship will for the first time, require practicing both on-line and in-person. Manhattan Legal Services, which is among the top firms that offer civil legal services in the nation, is part Legal Services NYC.

They offer free legal assistance in the form of education, advocacy and advice to people living in boroughs with low incomes. Manhattan Legal Services covers all legal issues with consequences for low-income New York City residents.

When applying, make sure you have indicated your choice of placement for the following categories: LGBTQ/HIV Advocacy, Government Benefits, Immigration, Family Law, Disability Advocacy, and Housing Rights. Although MLS will do its best to ensure that applicants are placed in the most appropriate unit but it’s not always feasible.

It will be possible to expand your knowledge and practical skills as an intern. It’s a great way to be able to aid other people. You could be responsible for:

Legal research and writing

Client outreach, interviewing, and in-person intake

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