Which HAZWOPER Training Course Should You Take? – J Search

If you are taking a HAZWOPER education course that will help you in your job, you may be wondering what class you need to take. This will help you determine the right program for your needs.

HAZWOPER instruction is offered in the form of eight-hour or 24-hour courses. The kind of job in which you work will determine the length of time you need to complete a HAZWOPER course. The 40-hour HAZWOPER training is designed for employees whose duties expose them directly to dangerous waste. If employees visit dangerous waste disposal facilities that aren’t controlled, the 24-hour course can be completed. The eight-hour course serves as an overview for employees who work with hazardous waste. Talk to your employer if are unsure about which course you need to take.

Your work will determine what HAZWOPER training hours you require It is however your choice how and where you want to attend the HAZWOPER training. A few people prefer to take their HAZWOPER training in person, whereas others may prefer to take the course on the internet. Either option will provide you with the education you need to do your job safely.


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