How Does the Process of Foreclosure Work? – Attorney Newsletter

k? It depends on the two types your home is facing. Foreclosure attorney Mitchell Sussman explains the process in his YouTube video on the topic. Below is a brief summary of what he said.

Which are the two types of foreclosures?

One type of foreclosure is called a”judicial” foreclosure. It’s basically when a lender demands an order for foreclosure, and it requires a court to get involved. The amount of time depends on the number of count are involved. The other type is a non-judicial foreclosure. This kind of foreclosure does not require a court, which is why it’s most popular. The foreclosure business can go forward if it has particular documents. In general, the process takes between three months and 20 days. This could be longer when filing for bankruptcy or even if extensions are granted. In California homeowners are entitled to a week before a property’s sale date to make up on their expenses.

How long can I stay at My Residence?

In the absence of a court ruling, residents will not be expelled. The duration of the process varies. Based on the amount of length of time required to expel landlords and previous tenants, the owners might be given money. o9v6gm4xzm.

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