What are Bail Bonds? – Suggest Explorer

If you’ve been charged with bailable infraction then you may be eligible to make bail payments you to have your bail lifted prior to the trial. Bail is a sum of money you pay the court to assure your court appearance. The first appearance in court in the event of an arrest is called arraignment. You’ll be informed by the judge regarding all the possible charges and your rights. The judge might also require you to enter a plea of to be guilty. Trial: If you choose to plead not to be guilty, the judge will set up a pretrial hearing. The attorney as well as the prosecutor will talk about your case, and then try to come to a settlement. Trial: If you decide to refuse to agree to a plea agreement or the issue cannot be resolved through negotiations then a trial may be held. In the trial, the prosecutor will make evidence available, and the attorney will argue a defense on your behalf. Sentence: The judge can give you a sentence if accept a plea or get found guilty. These sentences could include jail in addition to fines, probation or.

Warrants for arrest are stressful and complex. It is recommended to seek the guidance of a criminal defense attorney.


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