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  • Save Your Small Business Time, Money and Talent

    When asked the reasons they stay with their current employer, 50% of employees cited employee benefits as a key determinant in their decision. Benefits packages can be the deal maker or breaker when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent, particularly for small business owners, who may struggle to match what larger companies with are […]

  • Part Time Versus Full Time What You Need To Know About Employee Benefits

    Benefits are a core decision driver for prospective employees, with over half of employees listing benefits as the primary reason for remaining in the employ of a company. Job seekers also size up benefits packages when deciding where to apply. Differences in benefits available to full time and part time workers can also play a […]

  • Are You Happy with Your HR Software Solution?

    How does a school district which employs 1,700 employees and educates 25,000 students budget, predict, and plan for the maternity and paternity leaves that will occur during the nine month school year? How does that same district budget, predict, and plan for the sick days and personal days that the staff will use? On the […]