Are You Happy with Your HR Software Solution?

Benefits software

How does a school district which employs 1,700 employees and educates 25,000 students budget, predict, and plan for the maternity and paternity leaves that will occur during the nine month school year? How does that same district budget, predict, and plan for the sick days and personal days that the staff will use? On the other side of the spectrum, how does a Information Technology (IT) Services company with nine data centers and 450 employees budget, predict and plan for its human resources (HR) needs?
Anticipating and budgeting for the needs of companies both large and small is best achieved with the use of a trusted and tested HR software solutions. Without computer documentation and data from previous years and access to data from similar companies, the process of predicting employee health, vacation, and sick day leaves is overwhelming.
The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) entitles employees to have as many as 12 weeks of job-protected, unpaid leave during any 12-month period for any of the following reasons: birth of a child, care of an immediate family member or spouse, or self-care for a serious medical condition. Although this is the maximum amount of unpaid leave that must be provided to employees, a significant number of large and small companies also provide a determined amount of paid days off for everything from a lengthy maternity leave to single event sick days. The best HR software solutions can help these companies manage the scheduling and the record keeping of these absences.
Small business employee benefits packages, for example, can help companies with fewer than 100 employees estimate and predict the need for employee sick and vacation days. The fact that 59% of small businesses offer paid sick leave to full-time employees is an indicator of the need for a reliable employee benefits enrollment software. This software can also help manage the varied insurance choices, selections, and waivers that those same employees have.
Large group health insurance plans can be even more complicated to manage if you do not have the best HR software solutions in place. Nearly 99% of full-time workers have access to medical benefits. And of those full-time workers, 98% have access to paid sick leave. Benefits administration tools that are a part of many HR software solutions make monitoring these numbers a more manageable task.
Whether you are a large metropolitan school district planning for the complicated schedule of 125 maternity leave requests, or you are a much smaller business planning for extended leave requests from three individuals, an investment in the best HR software solutions will make your budgeting, predicting, and planning much easier.