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  • Raid of Urgent Care Clinic Uncovers Oxycodone Scheme

    Oxycodone is one of the strongest, and commonly abused, prescription pain killers on the market today. It’s because of those factors combined with the potential harmful side-effects that make it one of the most regulated schedule II controlled substances in the United States, which leads to people taking serious chances getting it out to the […]

  • 7 Services You Didn’t Know Urgent Care Provided

    While you may know that walkin medical clinics provide treatment for the flu or a sprained ankle, you may not know all of the services that they provide. The best part? The American Academy of Urgent Care Medicine requires these walkin medical clinics to be open for business 7 days per week, meaning if you […]

  • Saving Money and Saving Your Health The Benefits of Urgent Care Centers

    Urgent care facilities are excellent places to go to when you have an injury or illness that doesn’t seem to be “ER” severe or if you just do not have the time to make it out to an emergency room. With approximately 7,164 urgent care locations in the United States, you can most certainly find […]