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Archive for January 31st, 2016

How Our Plugged-In Society Could Actually Be Harming Us

Ways to block emf

Let’s face it. We’re a very plugged in society: always on cell phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, and other kind of technology. For years, people have been saying that these devices could potentially have harmful effects, because of the radiation levels that we’re exposed to every day while using them. And for years, most people have been saying, “You’re nuts!” The common feeling is that they wouldn’t be so popular — or sold so widely — if they were truly dangerous. However, as our society has become increasingly dependent and entrenched on our technology, these claims may have more weight to them. Up until recently, computers and cell phones weren’t used as widely, for such long amounts of time, and so constantly. Now, however, the majority of work is conducted in front of a computer and we’re on our ce

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How Do I Find the Best Alcohol Addiction Treatment Options?

Outpatient addiction treatment

Sometimes problems start small. A few Friday nights out with friends after bowling lead to a few more nights out during the week. The week nights out then become more common than the nights at home. The few beers turn into many beers. The increased drinking leads to first one and then a second DWI arrest, resulting in a six month loss of a driver’s license. The one good thing that came from the increased addiction to alcohol were the court ordered alcohol addiction treatment options that would limit the license suspension to six instead of 12 months.
While not all alcohol or other substance abuse problems come on in the same way, if your loved one is the person suffering, the need for a reliable and effective treatment is very important. Whether the drug or alcohol abuse has grown into a pr

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