3 Reasons to Update Your HR System

Part time employee benefits

If your company isn’t managing employee benefits with human resource software, it’s making a big mistake. Here’s why.

Your company’s HR system is probably outdated. – Chances are that your company’s HR software is out of date. In fact, the average HRMS system in large companies is a staggering five years old at least. More than half of them are actually seven-years-old! That’s the age at which enterprise level software become obsolete. No wonder why 57% — more than half — of companies plan to make a major new HR software purchase sometime during the next 18 months.

Things could probably be a lot simpler. – Another reason to consider updating your human resources software is to consolidate things. New research has found that just 13% of organizations — a little more than one in 10 — have a single HR system. On average, companies actually have three or four HR applications that they use for different functions. For example, a company might have one program to take care of recruiting, and another for HRMS. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could take care of each and every task in one system?

Employee benefits need to be taken seriously. – One of the biggest reasons your company needs to use state-of-the-art human resources software solutions is because employee benefits matter. A lot. Research shows that 50% — fully half — of all employees cite their benefits as being the major reason why they stay at their current employer. If you make managing these benefits a hassle, employees are going to have less of a reason to stick around.

Don’t leave your company’s HR system out of date or complicated. Do your company and your employees a favor and purchase better HR software. You’ll be glad you did.

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