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Archive for November, 2014

Five Ways To Reduce Your Arthritis Pain

Joint pain treatment

When it comes to chronic pain, arthritis pain is arguably one of the most well-known and infamous conditions. Caused by wear and tear to your joints over many years, arthritis joint pain can have a significant impact on your daily life. Fortunately, there are a number of pain relief products, helpful tips, and more that can make living with this medical problem much easier. Read on to learn how you can decrease your arthritis pain!

Try Some Basic Exercises
Gentle stretching and other simple additions to your daily routine can often help reduce your pain. When you find yourself sitting still for long periods of time, adjust your position regularly, take a break to stand and walk around every half hour, and make sure

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Two Common Forms of Joint Replacement Surgery

Arthroscopic hip surgery

Did you know that by the year 2030, 3.48 million joint replacement surgeries are estimated to be performed every year in the United States? The most commonly performed joint replacement surgeries are total hip replacement surgery and knee joint replacement surgery. Osteoarthritis is the most common cause for needing surgery on the hips and knees. The most common ages for hip and knee replacement surgeries fall between 50-80. If you experience consistent pain in your knee or hip that interferes with daily activity, your doctor may recommend looking into total hip replacement surgery or knee joint replacement surgery.

Hip Joint Replacement Surgery

In 2013, the number of hip replacement surgeries performed in the United States was about 332,000. Patients are encouraged to st

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Bumble Bee Foods Facing Superior Court Over False Omega-3 Claims

Omega 3 fatty acids

Over the years, numerous studies have demonstrated that omega 3 fatty acids have a number of benefits on many different parts of the body. For example, cultures that eat a diet high of omega-3s have been linked to lower rates of depression, while the essential fat has also been tied to reduced symptoms of ADHD and improved mental skills. Meanwhile, organizations like the American Heart Association have recommended that patients consume this substance due to the cardiovascular benefits of omega 3 fatty acids. Because of these qualities, a number of companies have tried to claim that their products are a good source of this essential fat. However, in cases where these claims have proven to be false, these companies have gone on to face legal action.

Bumble Bee Foods, for example, was accused of misrepre

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Your Biggest Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry, Answered

Zygomatic implants for bone loss

It’s no secret that more people than ever are seeking out the best cosmetic dentists to help make their smiles more beautiful. This may be due to the fact that 74% of adults report feeling that an unattractive set of teeth can damage an individual’s chances of success in life, and 96% of them feel that a good-looking smile can make someone appear more appealing as a romantic partner. And did you know that worldwide demand for cosmetic dental procedures has skyrocketed in recent years by 300%?

Knowing this, it’s a great idea to find a cosmetic dentist who can help your teeth look as good as they should.

Want to learn more about cosmetic dentistry, but not sure where to start? Here are some of the most frequent questions that are asked about the various cosmetic dental procedures, alo

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Three Cosmetic Dental Procedures That Could Change Your Life

All on 4 technique

Did you know that an amazing 96% of adults in America say they believe a good-looking smile makes an individual more attractive to the opposite sex?

Or that nearly 99% of adults feel that an attractive smile makes a person look more successful in their professional and social life?

Knowing this, it’s clear that a beautiful set of teeth is a key player in the way others see you — and how you likely see yourself. So if your teeth aren’t as white as they could be, or if you’re missing one of your natural teeth, it’s probably hard to feel confident about yourself or hard to want to smile in pictures.

If you’re ready to start smiling as confidently as you should be, it might be time to consider what the best cosmetic dentists can do for your teeth. Here are three of the most common cosmetic denta

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